Gum Lift

Gum Lift

If you feel that you have too much gum on show when you smile, a gum lift can help. Having excess gums, a “gummy smile” or a gum defect can impact confidence especially if it’s noticeable along your front teeth. Gum lifts use precision surgery to remove the extra gum, revealing the tooth underneath.

Gum defects can happen for a number of reasons, the main cause being gum disease, but sometimes they can just occur because that’s how your gum has formed over the years. We can use gum contouring to even out your overall gums so all your teeth appear uniform and natural.

What does a gum lift involve?

We will want to talk to you in length about what results you want from the treatment. Once we have a very clear idea of how much gum you want removed, we will book in your appointment.

Microscopic surgery ensures that we carry out the most precise treatments possible. There is a very short recovery period and you should be able to eat and drink normally within a day.

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