“I have just undergone complex treatment for new veneers to straighten my teeth, restoration work to my lower teeth and teeth whitening.

From my initial consultation to completion of my treatment by Dr Khan and Clare McCabe I was so impressed by how they immediately put me at ease. Everything was explained to me explicitly and most importantly I could tell they really care about their patients.

At every stage of my treatment, I was always made very comfortable and pain-free!!

The results have exceeded my expectations.

The whole team are wonderful and I would recommend this highly professional practice to anyone.


“I came to your surgery following many recommendations from friends and colleagues because I was looking for replacement teeth as mine we’re getting loose. I was extremely happy with the service I received everyone who worked at Rockingham house were very welcoming and professional. Dr Khan and I decided that a bridge implant was the way to go and after the treatment plan and costs were discussed I agreed with his opinion and agreed to proceed, it is by far the best thing I have ever done and would have no problem recommending Dr Khan.


“Rockingham House Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry was recommended to me by my own regular dentist, in regards to the possibility of having some cosmetic dentistry carried out to my teeth.
The problem I had with my teeth was I had large gaps between all the top teeth, which to me looked unsightly.

When I attended Rockingham House to review my options with Dr Khan, we both agreed that the best option was Bonded Glass Veneers on my upper 8 teeth.

The treatment all the way through the process was excellent and comfortable. I can’t speak highly enough of all the staff on all my appointments.

I have now completed all my treatment and the results are brilliant. I can’t stop smiling.

I would definitely recommend Rockingham House to my friends and family. My wife is now also undergoing some treatment for her teeth.


“I had a problem with a bridge that my dentist could not do anything about so he referred me to Rockingham house. I made an appointment with Sharif to see what could be done and swiftly he said he could fix it and I had nothing to worry about.

I had implants so that a new bridge could be fitted. The treatment I received was beyond my expectations and all the staff at Rockingham are exceptional in their professionalism in both their work and the care they showed about my well being whilst I was receiving treatment.

All the treatment I had was very very comfortable and at no time did I feel anxious about any stage of it. The end result was a very nice new bridge of 5 teeth that look wonderful and natural. I would recommend Rockingham House to anyone that wishes to have any type of cosmetic work done including all my family and friends. Sharif and his team always make you welcome and I will always come back here should I need to in the future, Thank you.”

David Thirlwall

“From the moment I set foot in Rockingham House I knew I would be well taken care of. The treatment I had was firs to clean and then whiten my teeth and then proceed on to do some cosmetic dentistry, which would give me teeth that I longed for and could be proud of. I requested a very natural look and Dr Khan clearly listened to my request. The treatment was entirely painless and stress free.”

Lynne Murgatroyd

“I have been a patient at this practice since it first opened and cannot speak highly enough of the staff and the treatment I have received over the years. I had a problem with my gums initially and treatment began immediately. I feel comfortable with the care I receive and put a lot of trust in the practice and I have never been let down. I have recommended the practice to others without reservation and will continue to do so.”

Susan Dakers

“I had quite an unusual problem. My top front teeth were quite wonky and the two front teeth were very thin and slightly discoloured. They had become sensitive and painful at times. I had been advised by other dentists that I would firstly need a brace to straighten the teeth and then two veneers to improve the appearance of my two front teeth. I was told this would take years.

As soon as I walked into my consultation with Sharif and told him the problem he didn’t give me that “this is a difficult problem to fix” look. He just said that he could make my teeth look beautiful. He explained he would whiten my teeth first of all and then place two veneers over my two front teeth. He said he would contour and shape a few of the top teeth and position the veneers so my teeth were straight. He told me I would need 4 appointments and I booked them all in that day. I could not believe that my teeth could look straight from veneers alone, and in 3 short months! Neither could my family!

As soon as I saw them I could see how much better they looked. They really are beautiful, white and straight! Throughout my treatment all the staffs were polite, caring and knowledgeable. I felt at ease every time Sharif worked on my teeth.

I am very happy with the results. I could not have wished for a better result. It has improved my confidence and stopped any pain or sensitivity I was previously experiencing. I still admire them now!

I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for cosmetic treatment. Don’t bother going anywhere else. You will get amazing results here and Sharif will do the best he possibly can for you.”

Claire Gordon

“My son was originally recommended to Rockingham House from his NHS dentist. His two middle top front teeth were badly decayed and all his top front teeth were embarrassingly small. We were immediately filled with confidence by Dr Sharif Khan’s friendly, caring, calming manner. His obvious love for and dedication to, his work was immediately apparent. He gave us his expert advice… and the journey began.

Amazingly, the decayed two front teeth were salvageable and root canal work was carried out by Dr Meera Aggarwal. Meera also has a very friendly, caring and calming manner, which immediately fills you with confidence.

Sharif had recommended gum surgery to expose more of the small front teeth and the next step was to perform this… it worked brilliantly!

Six veneers were then fitted to the top front teeth by Sharif and the result… amazing! The teeth look very natural and my son at last has a smile he is proud of! We are extremely pleased with all the work which was carried out… this type of work is literally life changing! We would never, ever have thought that this result would have been possible and we very grateful and thankful to have been recommended to Sharif and his team. We have already recommended the practice to friends.

Thank you so much Sharif, Meera and all the friendly, caring staff for making the whole experience a happy, smiley one :))))”

Mrs G

“For 20 years I suffered from repeated dental pain, loss and infection, including abscesses and bleeding gums. An ill-fitting mouth plate compounded my problems, resulting in problems eating and sores on the roof of my mouth. I’d received regular treatment but had lost faith in dentists. Then in early 2013 I read an article about Rockingham House in the Yorkshire Post and embarked on more research. I discovered the practice was well regarded and played an important role in training dentists.

After my initial consultation with Dr. Sharif Khan a personal treatment plan was drawn up that included All-on-4 implants and a crown in my upper jaw to replace the plate, and  composite fillings in my lower jaw. 

Throughout my care I’ve been treated with consideration and respect, being fully informed of the options and what was involved in each stage of treatment. All the staff are friendly, supportive and professional. I have never felt so at ease at in the dentist’s chair! The results are fantastic. My teeth feel and look good. For the first time in my adult live I can eat what I want and smile without feeling self-conscious. Most importantly I am pain and infection free. I can’t recommend Rockingham House highly enough to friends, family and strangers alike. The staff are wonderful and the treatment has been life-changing. I wish I’d found them sooner.”

Martyn Crapper

“After many years of problems with my teeth and gums my NHS dentist told me he could do little for them. I was devastated, hating the prospect of full dentures. My dentist suggested that Dr Sharif Khan at Rockingham House would be able to help me. 

After a consultation with Dr Khan he recommended that a bridge, supported by implants was the way forward, together with root canal treatment and crowns on teeth that could be retained. During the course of my treatment every step was explained to me in detail and carried out in a meticulous fashion by Dr Khan, who I consider to be a perfectionist, ensuring that everything was satisfactory before proceeding to the next stage. 

I have nothing but praise for Dr Khan and all his team who made a somewhat daunting proposition a relaxed and friendly affair. The results are just fantastic, more than I’d hoped for and I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dr Khan and his team at Rockingham House, to anyone contemplating a similar procedure – I can smile again!
Many thanks to you all.”

Joyce Mills

“It was my own dentist who recommended me to Dr Sharif Khan of Rockingham House Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry Ltd.  

I had two front Crowns fitted a very long time ago to my front teeth, and finally decided I needed a new look, to close the gaps in my top teeth.  Upon my first visit to Rockingham House, I was greeted with a very friendly team of staff, and any fears or concerns that I may have had about my treatment were soon put aside by the care and professionalism of all staff, and everything was fully explained about what was going to happen at each stage of my treatment.  

I was recommended to have the front four top teeth replaced by Veneers, to close the gaps up and have the bottom teeth filed so that they were straight.  I also had the whitening treatment as well.  Upon my final appointment, I couldn’t believe the results, they were absolutely amazing, and I am so pleased with the outcome, and this has helped my confidence tremendously. I just wished Dr Sharif had been recommended to me a long time ago, as I had nothing to worry about whatsoever. I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking of having any form of dental treatment to use Rockingham House.”

Julie Whiteley

“Firstly, I found your services on the web while looking for a reputable company to help me with my dentistry problems. I had a long standing oral hygiene problem, I really didn’t know how to look after my teeth and had neglected them. The treatment you provided was to very tactfully show me how to care for my teeth – after a thorough routine of cleaning, treatment and provision of a complete new upper denture, which is also enhancing my gum line and reducing the wrinkles around my upper lip.

I was and still very pleased with all the treatment I have received at Rockingham House, all the staff are so polite, friendly ,professional and caring. The premises are very clean and tidy and well presented.

I am immensely happy with my results! The before and after photos speak for themselves and I can smile with confidence again.

I have recommended the practice to my friends whenever relevant – my wife became a patient shortly after I did and has received tooth whitening treatment (she has always had better teeth than me).
I pass my continued thanks to Meera.”

Fredrick Lawrence

“I passed the practice at Fitzwilliam daily taking my dogs for exercise.  Despite being completely happy with my existing dentist, who is a friend of my husband, I checked the Rockingham House website and decided to call for a free of charge consultation on an old bridge I had been having trouble with for some time.

Parking is extremely convenient at Rockingham House in Fitzwilliam and the atmosphere in the practice is comfortable, relaxed and professional.  I felt extremely reassured, I was asked what “I” wanted to achieve with any treatment and any questions I had were answered in detail and in a way I could easily understand.  I was also provided with a thorough plan detailing all aspects of the treatment I would need including a complete cost breakdown.  A timeline through to completion (including proposed appointment dates) was also provided.

Whilst dental treatment is never enjoyable, Dr Sharif Khan and his team made every effort to keep me as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment period.  I am absolutely delighted with my new bridge and the overall outcome, my husband has noticed how much more confident I am with my smile.  I would have no hesitation to recommend Dr Khan and the Rockingham House team at Fitzwilliam to anyone. Delightful people to do business with and they are now my regular dental practice.”

Jayne E. Crossley

“Having not visited the dentist in 5 years I decided it was time for a check-up, and Rockingham House dental practice had been recommended to me by a friend. I explained occasionally my gums would bleed a little on brushing and it was noted I had a few deep gum pockets suggesting some mild gum disease. Dr Sharif Khan recommended a deep clean treatment, with Dr Meera Aggarwal, to remove any plaque from the roots of the teeth under local anaesthetic, giving the ideal conditions for healing of gum pockets. The treatment was pain free and my teeth instantly looked and felt much cleaner. The treatment has helped improve the health of my gums, they no longer bleed. In addition, my 6 week review showed significant improvement where by the gum tissues had re- adapted to the tooth surfaces which can help prevent any tooth or bone loss in the future.

All the staff were really friendly, professional and I would definitely recommend both the deep clean treatment where appropriate and Rockingham House dental practice.”

Carli Stead

“After watching both my children have orthodontic treatment resulting in beautiful smiles, I was disappointed that the same options had not been available to me during my adolescent years. I did not enjoy smiling at anything as my front teeth I felt were very unattractive. From my first visit with Sharif I was put completely at ease and reassured that what I was hoping for was certainly achievable. I began with a period of whitening and the results were quickly visible.

I then returned to have a consultation which resulted in a plan of treatment to have two veneers fitted and two teeth reshaped. I was immediately delighted with the results that this treatment gave me. I now can’t stop smiling and I am constantly amazed that the perfect teeth I see in the mirror really do belong to me! Sharif was at all times professional whilst ensuring that I was put at ease by explaining each step of the treatment as he was working his magic. I would definitely recommend his services and only wish that I had not waited until just before my 50th birthday to achieve the smile that I had always longed for.”

Lyn Cattell

“When I was in my early 20’s I was unfortunate to be hit by a cricket ball, which removed one of my upper middle teeth. I spent years with a bridge in place, but after a number of years one of the pillars holding my bridge failed so therefore I lost my two upper front teeth.

I was recommended to see Dr Meera Aggarwal at Rockingham House who I must say with her and the staff they have performed a complete transformation of my teeth. Before having my treatment I would not smile for a photo, but I am more than happy to show off my teeth now.

I cannot praise the practice highly enough. The care and attention that Meera and all her staff gave me was exceptional. I will never go anywhere else now and I recommend Rockingham House to all my family and friends.”

John Harrison 

“As a result of tooth damage from playing a collision sport and combined with acute teeth grinding, my teeth were in a mess. I was advised some years previous that it was “just a matter of time” before I would lose my teeth and need to have dentures, so there was a little incentive to seek a solution. The advice at the time was that nothing could be done to rectify the problem.

Following a need to attend my dentist for a recurring abscess I was given a referral to the Rockingham House Dental Practice to consider a solution to the mess. Working with Dr Sharif Khan and his staff in identifying a solution to my problem was very professional, with maximum consultation and exploration of the various options. The results are outstanding and obvious!

My satisfaction with the bridge and veneer work that Sharif has carried out is off the scale and I could not have anticipated being so pleased with the results as I am. My only regret, as they say, is that I didn’t have the work done years previously. But apparently, it was just a matter of time.”

John Kain

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