Keyhole Implants

Keyhole Implants

Losing your teeth or even one tooth can often be a severe psychological blow. For those people who have teeth missing, wear dentures or are about to lose their teeth, dental implants can offer a superb permanent alternative and a highly predictable way to restore missing or falling teeth.

A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth root typically made of titanium which is planted in the jawbone to support a replacement tooth or teeth in the form of crown (for a single tooth) or a bridge work (for multiple teeth and implants).

What our patients say

“My husband saw the Rockingham House advert in the Yorkshire Post and I arranged an initial appointment. I met with Dr Khan and he explained the implant procedure whereby he could give me a set of 10 top teeth. I knew as soon as I talked with him that I would trust this man and knew that I could totally rely on him to carry out the treatment necessary.

I became quite emotional at the time; I was so relieved that I had found someone to help me. We started treatment at the end of February and I am delighted to say that I now have my lovely new set of "forever" teeth!

I cannot praise Dr Khan and everyone at Rockingham House too highly. Each stage of treatment was explained carefully in advance and the nurses made sure I was very well looked after. I can honestly say I did not find the treatment at all painful.”
Christine Leach

“My dentist recommended Rockingham House saying in his words if his mother needed implants he would go there. The procedure was carefully explained, nothing was rushed and where it was thought a longer time was needed for a more satisfactory outcome such was the case.

I was very impressed with the whole procedure and with all the staff and I am very pleased with my implants and would highly recommend the practice to anyone considering implants."

Bone grafting

When there is insufficient bone present, we can often perform additional procedures such as bone grafts or sinus grafts to add more bone volume. This may need a healing period of 3 months prior to placing the implant to the regenerated bone. We may advice a CT-scan is taken to obtain this information.

Computer guided implants

Computer guided implant surgery streamlines the treatment process and provides the patients with permanent teeth in record time. The system combines a unique planning program, a surgical template and the immediate load concept. CT scans and 3D imaging software are used to assess bone structure and map out the satisfaction and simplifies the dental implant treatment process.

This eliminates the guesswork involved determining what parts of the jawbone offer the best sites of dental implants.

We provide the following implant treatments

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