Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment, also called endodontics, is necessary when the pulp or nerve at the centre of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed, due to tooth decay or trauma.

The pulp is the tissue at the very centre of the tooth. It’s made up of soft tissues such as blood vessels and nerves. When this becomes infected, it’s possible to remove the pulp and just leave the hard external shell of the tooth, which is unaffected.

Treated teeth are essentially the same as any natural tooth and is still vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease. Great dental hygiene at home will keep the tooth healthy and it should last just as long as your other teeth. If you have a restoration on the tooth, you will need to keep it clean. During check-ups, we will check the tooth.

What does the treatment involve?

  • We first use local anaesthetic to numb the area and the tooth.
  • We then remove the infected pulp carefully and flush them through with an anti-bacterial solution to avoid any reinfection.
  • At the next appointment, the canals are filled and sealed. To restore its shape and functionality, the tooth may be further protected with a permanent onlay or a crown.

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