Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal Assessment

Your first appointment will be a periodontal assessment where we will carry out an in-depth examination of your gums. This involves gently probing around each tooth to measure the depth of the pockets around the tooth, otherwise known as a 6 point-pocket charting. We will also record any bleeding, sites of infection and recession if there is any present. We will also take any necessary x-rays to assess bone-levels. Using this information, we will then be able to give you a formal diagnosis of your gum disease and a plan for what treatment we propose.

We will also do a simple clean using the Guided Biofilm Technique to remove any plaque and calculus that is present.

Finally, we will give in-depth oral hygiene instructions, including brushing techniques and what interdental aids to use.

Periodontal Treatment

Following the initial assessment appointment, we will then commence periodontal treatment.

The roots of the teeth will be deep cleaned to give the ideal conditions for healing of the gum pockets. We will use the pocket charting carried out at the assessment appointment to see where the deeper pockets are so that we can use local anaesthetic in these areas.

It may be necessary to carry out this treatment over a number of visits depending on how your gums respond. We will discuss this with you at each appointment and make a plan tailored to you.

Periodontal Maintenance

Following a course of periodontal treatment, we will need to see you at regular intervals, usually every three months, to keep on top of the condition as once there has been damage to the gum tissue and supporting bone, the condition needs to be managed to prevent relapse and tooth loss. You may require further treatment to further improve your gum health and we will discuss this with you.

Periodontal maintenance appointments will involve an examination of your gums and a clean using the Guided Biofilm Technique, including the Perio-Flow. The Perio-Flow is used to gently clean the root surface in areas where there is gum pocketing.

As well as regular maintenance visits with us, excellent oral care at home is vital to avoid relapse. At these appointments we will offer support and advice on at home techniques.

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