Digital Dentistry

At Rockingham House we are always on the lookout for the newest digital technology to ensure we can provide you with first class service and high-quality treatment.

Trios Scanner

We understand that for many the thought of dental impressions can cause anxiety when visiting the dentist. We now have the Trios Intraoral scanner which almost eliminates the use of dental impressions.

Digital dental impressions taken with the Trios Scanner are more accurate than conventional impressions, these scans can then be used to make dental prostheses such as crowns and bridges.

With the use of the scanner your experience of dental impressions will now be quicker, comfortable and a lot less invasive.

SprintRay 3D Printing

Our newest addition to the practice is the SprintRay 3D Printer. This new revolutionary digital technology allows us to print crowns, dentures and other dental appliances such as Michigan splints in house. These would normally be sent to the dental lab.

Using our Trios intraoral scanner, we can take 3D images of your mouth which can then be used to design the dental prostheses, we can then print this in house. This allows for a quicker turn around, so a shorter wait between appointments.

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